2014 Engel 105 Ton 3 Oz Electric LIM with CC 200 - e-mac 310/105 US

2014 Engel 105 Ton 3 Oz Electric LIM with CC 200 - e-mac 310/105 US

Engel e-mac 310/105 US

Age: 2014

Stock Number: 4003

Only 24,600 Hours

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Clamp Force: 105 US Tons
Shot Size: 3 Oz/25 mm
Platen Size: 25.59" x 23.62"
Tie Bar Spacing: 18.11" x 16.14"
Min/Max Mold Ht: 5.9" - 17.72"
Clamp Stroke: 13.78"
Ejector Stroke: 3.94""
Voltage: 460V
Dimensions: 143.3" x 49.13" x 78"
Weight10,582 lbs

Equipped With:
CC200 Control package including:
- Windows style display with 15 inch
TFT-color Touch Screen
- USB interface for data storage device
- Ethernet network interface
- Freely programmable cycle sequence
- Screen pages configurable
- Notepad
- Alarm Messaging via Email
- weekly timer
- Micrograph
- Microplast
- PD-log
Autoprotect-precision mold protection
LSR-package (instead of thermoplastic equipment) consisting of:
- bi-metallic (M3), water cooled barrel, L/D=16
- nitrided (S1) screw including spring-loaded check disk 25 mm diameter
- material pressure gauge in material feeding
- preparation for material filter packet (housing only)
- preparation for pneum.material shut-off valve 1/2"
(electrical equipment, software and pneumatics)
- injection pressure limited in manual operating mode
- program flushing with LSR component
- program evacuation
(incl. the required inputs and outputs)
- screen text "cure time" instead of "cooling time"
- receptacle (3-phase) for vacuum pump,
switchable, mounting clamp side
- interface for dosing system, 6-pin HTS for dosing signal and fault alarm signal
interface and program for ejection-handling,
including tripple corepull
connected to 24-pin HTS on stationary platen,
including manual buttons for movements.
preparation for pneumatic shut-off nozzle
incl. solenoid operated pneumatic valve
and air maintenance unit, brand Fluid Automation
Interface for robot/automationdoes not include power supply receptacle (Euromap 67 / AN-146)
Ejector drive with retaining brake for ejector standard
plate with Euromap/SPI pattern
Ejector back confirmation
Single pneumatic corepull on moving platen 5/3-ways
Vacuum monitoring on moving platen
setting and monitoring via machine controller
Vacuum valve combined with release valve, 3/4
Vacuum pump 30m3
Pneumatic air supply maintenance unit
for customer-supplied pneumatics
2 pc. solenoid operated pneumatic valves 2/2-ways
R1/4 inch ports, located on moving platen,
for airblow only (without tubing)
8 zone mold heating control
Transformer for mold heating and/or 230V
receptacles/max.8 zone mold heating control
- each 230V-2p-15Amp reduces 1 zone
- each 230V-2p-20Ampreduces 2zones
- each 230V-2p-30Amp reduces 2 zones
- each 230V-3p-15Amp reduces 2 zones
- each 230V-3p-20Amp reduces 3 zones
- each 230V-3p-30Amp reduces 4zones
pneumatic valve gate control, 1 fold
injection unit swiveling
access rights with key card incl. 3 cards
acoustic alarm combined with lamp
PD-graphics II
water flow control manifold 8 circuits
power supply receptacle 3 phases 440/480V, 15 AMPfor robot/automation (Euromap 67 / AN-146)
Interface for freely programmable dry contacts

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2014 Engel 105 Ton 3 Oz Electric LIM with CC 200 - e-mac 310/105 US
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