2013 Engel 100 Ton 3.34 Oz Tiebarless LIM with CC 200  - Victory 200/100 Tech US LIM

2013 Engel 100 Ton 3.34 Oz Tiebarless LIM with CC 200 - Victory 200/100 Tech US LIM

Engel Victory 200/100 Tech US LIM

Age: 2013

Stock Number: 3983

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Clamp Force: 100 US Tons
Shot Size: 3.34 Oz Oz/30 mm
Platen Size: 29.13"" x 26.77"
Discharge Chute Width:19.69"
Max Daylight: 31.50"
Max mold Weight Moviing Platen:1764 lbs
Min Mold Ht: 11.81
Clamp Stroke: 19.69"
Ejector Stroke: 5.12"
Voltage: 460
Dimensions: 59.38"W x 82.68"H x 191.11"L
Weight: 14,200 lbs

Equipped With:
CC200 Control Package including:
- "Windows" style display with 15" TFT-color Touch Screen
- Data storage via USB interface
- Ethernet network interface
- Freely programmable cycle sequence supported
by graphical symbols
- Screen pages configurable
- e-help
- Notepad
- Alarm Messaging via Email
- weekly timer
- Micrograph
- Microplast
- PD-log
Screen text
1. language for screen text english: EN
2. language for screen text spanish: ES

LSR-package consisting of:
- Bi-metallic (M3), water cooled barrel, L/D=16 - Nitrided (S1) screw including spring loaded check disk
- LSR pressure transducer with on screen readout mounted at feedthroat
- Preparation for LSR material filter pack
(housing only)
- LSR material shut off valve 1/2"
- Injection pressure limited in manual mode
-Switch fo screw retraction without dosing
- Program flushing with LSR-material (for integrated systems only)
-Program for delayed cooling water switch off -Vacuum system interface including receptacle at line voltage (16 Amps / phase)
-Pumping unit interface external system, dosing and alarm signal, each on a 4-pin outlet: S4
Pneumatic valve gate control - 4 circuits
8-zone mold heating control. Includes additional temperature control card. Connections according to Euromap 14
Transformer for mold heating and/or 230V receptacles max. 8 heating zones reduced number of heating zones in case of 230V receptacles:- each 230V-2p-15Amp reduces 1 zone
each 230V-2p-20Amp reduces 2 zones
each 230V-2p-30Amp reduces 2 zones
each 230V-3p-15Amp reduces 2 zones
each 230V-3p-20Amp reduces 3 zones each 230V-3p-30Amp reduces 4 zones
mold heatings are splitt in equal numbers to the fixed and moving mold half wiring in accordance with EUROMAP 14
Dedicated servo valve for high precision closed-loop control of injection speed, hold pressure and back pressure
Power unit ECODRIVE with excellent energy efficiency by high dynamic servo pump SHV 1, servo valve for closed-loop control of injection
process, very low noise level and very little cooling water consumption, for sequential machine motions
Acoustic alarm combined with lamp
Access rights with key card
Interface for freely programmable dry contacts (terminal strip) (4x digital output, 4x digital input) Interface for robot/automation (Euromap 67 / AN-146) PD-graphics I - continuous, graphical monitoring of process parameters, average value, standard deviation, coefficient of correlation, warning and intervention limits selectable
Pneumatic air supply maintenance unit for customer-supplied pneumatics (Filter/Regulator) Solenoid operated pneumatic valve 2/2-ways, R1/4" ports, mounted on moving platen. For airblow only. Combined water terminal for machine and mould cooling
Water flow control manifold 0-10 l/min, 8-circuits (additional to flomo)
ENGEL flomo mould temperature control system 1 temperature control circuit manifold 1-15 l,
4 circuits, mounted instead of standard water flow control manifold
- Connections temperature control circuits 3/8"
- pressure / temperature measurement in the central inlet
- flow and temperature measurement in all return tubes
- manual adjustment of the return flow with fine adjustment valves at the distributor
- All flow circuits with separate shut-off valves - Interface for mobile display
- Display in the machine controller and/ or optional mobile display
- Monitoring and recording via the quality program
Preparation for pneumatic shut off nozzle on melt barrel including solenoid and air filter unit
preparation pneumatic shut off nozzle, Fluid Automation
Meshes for LSR filter consisting of different mesh sizes
Vacuum pump (25 m/h) with vacuum valve
vacuum valve in combination with relief valve
interface and program for ejection-handling including free fold core pull connected to 24-pin HTS on fixed platen, including manual buttons for movements
Flow control device for cold runner systems (mold heaters inactive at missing cooling water) Pressure transducer for vacuum monitoring including PD-recording

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2013 Engel 100 Ton 3.34 Oz Tiebarless LIM with CC 200  - Victory 200/100 Tech US LIM
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